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Riding Arena Construction - Your Options

Riding Arena construction - Sussex Riding Arenas, Midhurst, West Sussex
Arena construction options

Riding Arena Design

Riding Arena construction is tailored to your specific requirements. We offer a variety of riding arena layouts and each arena constructed according to purpose for example:
  • Dressage Arenas
  • Jumping Arenas,
  • Schooling and Fitness

Riding Arena Surfaces

We provide a wide choice of arena surface options and can advise you on the best surface for your purpose. Surface samples are provided, including:
  • Silica Sand
  • Waxed Surface
  • Rubber

Riding Arena Site Surveys

We offer an initial free estimate of costs as well as full quotations. The following factors will influence the likely costs involved in the construction of your new riding arena or sand school.

More About Riding Arena Site Surveys

Positioning, Groundwork and Accessibility

Access to the site of riding arena construction must be assessed to ensure that the required heavy machinery and delivery vehicles are able to easily access the site and to work safely. Poor access may mean that we need to use smaller machinery, which in turn means that the groundwork and construction takes longer and that costs will be higher.


Riding arena construction - drainageThe drainage on the proposed site of construction is important and getting this right is most critical aspect of arena and sand school construction .  The drainage of the ground on which the arena is to be built must be surveyed and the construction of the arena drainage layer planned in advance as without good drainage you will not acheive an ‘all weather’ surface.

The positioning the arena must consider where water collected in the drainage system will be discharged to and the options for water dispersal, for example to a drainage ditch, a soak-away, pond etc

We recommended that you seek advice from your local authority at this stage to ensure discharge into nearby watercourses is permitted.


Variations in gound levels can also have cost implications.. Uneven ground may require considerably more excavation than a level site and an increase in the volume of  spoil to dispose of, either elsewhere on site..

Sloping land may require levelling by a process known as cut and fill. This requires sub-soil is excavated from the higher side of the site to be moved and deposited on the lower side to create a level surface.


Where sand based surfaces lie in exposed positions wind erosion can be a problem as  it is prone to being blown off the arena when dry. For this reason we recommend that sand riding arenas are not placed in exposed areas or alternatively that some sort of natural wind break is planted to reduce the risk of this happening.